The Active Podcast

Welcome to the  'Active Podcast'.

This series is designed to keep you up to date with the latest happenings in the European fitness and physical activity sector and is available in audio (Podcast) and video (Vlogcast) format for you to listen/watch 'on demand'.

A new episode will be launched every few weeks.

Active Podcast Series

After a series of very successful webinars the EuropeActive team will now share information and inspiration through a series of podcasts.

The 'Active Podcast' will have new episodes approximately every few weeks where we will 'pose difficult questions and get experts to answer them'.

Every episode will be available in both audio and video (vlogcast) format.

Available Episodes & Teasers

21 October 2020

03: The Low Covid-19 risk in fitness clubs

EuropeActive is in the midst of updating the current Knowledge Centre into a broader platform named THINK Active, with the aim of becoming Europe’s main research centre for the fitness and physical activity industry. The results of THINK Active’s first research projects are coming in. Professor Alfonso Jimenez (THINK Active project lead) meets up with Patrick Rijnbeek from Dutch National Association NL Actief and episode host Andreas Paulsen (Exective Director, EuropeActive) to discuss recent studies and surveys conducted focussing on the low C19 risk in fitness clubs. These outcomes have had a positive effect on legislation in the Netherlands, where clubs are allowed to stay open (with restrictions) now that the second wave of Covid-19 is here. Professor Jimenez also speaks about SafeACTiVE, the study currently being executed by EuropeActive in partnership with AWRC-Sheffield Hallam University and King Juan Carlos University.

06 October 2020

02 - The 'Apple Atttack'

One of the four 4 pillars of EuropeActive's strategy is “digital”. In this podcast episode host David Stalker (President, EuropeActive) and guest Peter Croft (Chief Strategy Officer, Perfect Gym) discuss the recent newcomers in the digital fitness field: Apple Fitness+, Sky/Fiit and Amazon amongst others. What will be the effect of these outsiders? How will it affect the current “traditional” industry? How should we respond to this change? Listen or watch our podcast with David and Peter to find out.

09 September 2020

01 - Upskilling the workforce during/post C19

Andreas Paulsen (Executive Director, EuropeActive) meets with journalist Liz Terry (Health Club Management) and Julian Berriman (Director of the Professional Standards Committee) to discuss the adjusting of professional fitness standards due to the current needs and demands. EA's Educational Services department is currently reviewing the Sector Qualifications Framework (SQF) in consideration to the Covid-19 pandemic. How can we assure a constant upskilling of our sector’s workforce and leaders?

22 July 2020

An Introduction

Join David Stalker (EuropeActive President) and Anja Beverwijk (EuropeActive Events Manager) as they discuss the last few months during the Covid-19 lockdown and thoughts behind the podcast series.