By Stephen Tharrett and Mark Williamson, ClubIntel

Trends are one of the quintessential truths of mankind, and one of the core truths of capitalism. Trends influence how we think, what we want to believe or not believe, how we act and how we react. From a business perspective, trends can inform us of where the market is headed, what competitors are doing, what consumers are embracing, what business leaders are thinking, and what opportunities there are for the taking. Jason Canton summed this up nicely when he said, “Those who are ill informed will be at risk for a rough future.”

Health/Fitness operators who want a competitive edge in understanding today’s trends, and tomorrow’s trends, should be focused on discovering the truths provided by data-based trends.  Since 2015, ClubIntel, in collaboration with various international partners in the health/fitness industry, has facilitated a global study of data-based trends in the health/fitness industry. This annual study collects data on adoption levels for over 90 different industry practices across four broad categories; programs/services, equipment, facilities and technology. Now entering its fourth year, the study is able to pinpoint the level of adoption for each trend measured and the degree of movement in that trend since it was first measured.


Some trend facts from the 2017 study, in which the practices of over 14,000 global health/fitness facilities were represented, include:

  • HIIT group exercise was with sixth most popular trend of 2017 with 62% of facilities offering it, but had garnered the largest increase in adoption over the past five years at over 30% absolute growth.
  • Barre, with adoption growth of 30% over the past five years is second only to HIIT group exercise over that time period.
  • Only 26% of operators reported having a mobile app for their business in 2017.
  • The most popular technology in the industry in 2017 was the use of social media with 57% of operators adopting this marketing practice.

The 2018 International Fitness Industry Trend Study launches in Septemberand will remain open till November, with the final report ready for distribution by year-end. If you want to be a part of the dialogue and share the practices your business is embracing, PLEASE CLICK BELOW. Your data will be combined with that of others who participate to bring forward the data-driven trends in the health/fitness industry and in return, you will receive a complimentary copy of the report for your use.





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