Today, Klas Tallvid of the Hälsingland Education Association presented a certificate to CFL Söderhamn student Rasha Ghrear, which now makes her an EREPS registered Personal Trainer. Rasha, who escaped the war in Syria, has passed the SFI education and is now following basic adult education. Prior to that she completed PT education in Dubai and has completed an internship at a London gym.

Mr Tallvid, the principal and head of the teaching council at the National Agency for Education and the University and the Council for Higher Education has assessed her application. Rasha has demonstrated her PT knowledge at CFL's gym to SFI teacher Madline Arbid and has been interviewed by Anders Isaksson, a sports teacher at high school level. The result is that CFL decided to award her the PT certification.

It’s a big moment for Rasha and Hälsingsland’s team see great opportunities for her in the future commenting that, ‘Rasha can certainly help more girls to start a career in sport and fitness’

Hälsingland Educational Association is an adult-only training provider in Sweden and accredited through EuropeActive standards. After graduation from their PT course graduates will be receive recognition of their qualification through the EREPS Register,

Sep 14, 2018 By admin